How Do I Unsubscribe/Cancel My Subscription? When Should I Do So By?

To cancel your subscription, log into your account. Visit the "Manage Subscriptions" tab and click cancel.

If that didn’t work, please try the steps below:

You can cancel your subscription with us by first creating an account and then logging in to cancel. Almost always, customers checkout as "guests" rather than creating an account.

You can create an account using this link:

Please use the email you receive Air Drop Crates notifications to.

Once logged in, select “Cancel" and input the reason to complete your cancellation.


send a cancelation request to no less than 24 hours prior to your next billing date. If your cancelation request is submitted during the weekends or holidays, your request will be reviewed the next business day. No cancelation fees will be imposed. **If you cancel or request a cancelation after billing occurs, we are unable to provide a refund or cancel your order.**

Can I Pause My Account?

You can pause your monthly plan for 1, 2 or 3 months at a time. Please send all pause requests to before your next billing date. *Verifying their ability or inability to soon pause themselves through the billing period, and also that they cannot be paused and refunded after a month’s payment even if they see the boxes and realize they do not want any.

I Was Already Charged – Can I Still Cancel/Unsubscribe?

If you cancel or request a cancelation after billing occurs, we are unable to provide a refund or cancel your order. However, you will still be able to cancel your account.

I Was Already Charged And Wish To Cancel/Unsubscribe – Can I Still Receive The Last Box?

Yes, you will still be to receive the last box.

I Don’t Want Any Of This Month’s Box Selection Options, Or Like The Box I Received.

Unfortunately, we are unable to perform exchanges or refunds for boxes that are already billed for, processed and shipped.

There Is An Item That Is Missing Or Damaged – Can I Get A Replacement Or Refund?

If a product is damaged or missing, please contact us for help and include photo evidence of the damages. We will be sure to find you a solution for any missing or damaged items.

Can I Reactivate My Canceled Account?

If you wish to reactivate a previously canceled account to resume receiving boxes, rather than purchasing a brand new one, email us your request at